Should You Buy Used at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids?

Are you thinking about buying used for your next vehicle? Of course, we would never discourage you from taking a peek at our new inventory, we think that buying used is a great idea!

From the beginning to the end, buying from us is different, in a good way. We make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into from the very beginning. It’s what we call a “no-negotiation car sales process”, and it helps you find your car sooner, without wondering.

And when it comes to used car sales, that’s an incredible tool.

The selection at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids is perfect answer when you're looking for Twin Cities used cars for sale. 

Why Used

Whether you’re buying new or used, you’re making an investment. So it’s worthwhile to talk about how those investments affect you, and the way to make the most out of it!

Used cars don’t depreciate in value as quickly as new cars do, so they hold their initial value a little longer than new cars. Taxes, license, and other car-buying fees are typically lower on used car sales as well.

All of that and a lower sticker price? It isn't too good to be true! Buying used at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids is an investment you won’t regret.

Buy Quality

A common argument against looking seriously at a Twin Cities used car for sale is the not-guaranteed quality of your vehicle. When you’re buying new, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. But the dreaded “lemon” car is a concern that many people have when they consider buying used.

That's because most dealerships tend to be very secretive when they’re selling you a used vehicle.

We don’t do that. In fact, we offer every one of our customers complimentary access to their potential car's CarFax report. So you can find out exactly what that car is worth and what shape it’s really in before you decide to get behind the wheel. Our treat!

And we offer an impressive Limited Powertrain Warranty for Life on 80% of our used vehicles. As long as you maintain certain standards of care, crucial components of your car are covered. It's like health insurance for your car, and it comes built in with most used cars' bill of sale! 

Looking for "used cars near me"? Check out the used cars at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids!

Work with One

When you decide to shop used cars at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids, you make a decision to work with one person from beginning to end. We think of our team as your personal car concierge, so you never have to worry about shuffling around to different offices in the dealerships, paperwork in hand.

Your salesperson stays by your side from handshake to handing you the keys. That’s one part of the top-rated Walser experience that we think you will love.

Ready to Go?

So, how do you start looking for the perfect Twin Cities used cars for sale? That depends. You could very easily come in and start the process in person by getting to know your sales person right away.

Or, you could sign up for our Sign In For Pricing option so that you can see all of the minimum prices of every vehicle we have available. That’s because we believe in being completely up front with our prices, and refuse to negotiate, because we are fully confident that we’ve chosen a price that’s completely fair for you.

Simply click the "sign in" option on the top right of our site and then create an account, or feel free to get in touch, or stop by to see our complete selection of used cars at Walser Nissan Coon Rapids

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